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20 Years Wine Fair Vinaria


From 15th to 18th of March the city of Plovdiv, situated in the southern part of Bulgaria, hosted the 20th annual wine and spirits exhibition Vinaria. At the anniversary event more than forty Bulgarian winemakers present their unique products to an interested professional and enthusiastic audience. The number of exhibitors in 2012 was twice bigger than the year before.

20 Years Wine Fair Vinaria

The international participation also has increased. The Partner Country of the wine expo this spring was Argentina. Wineries from South Africa, Australia, Italy, France, New Zealand, Greece, Romania and the United States show their fine wines and present they special know how.

There was a positive reason for the excellent mood among exhibitors and visitors - ​​the exceptionally good harvest of 2011. Who likes Bulgarian wines should remember this year because he is among the top three in the new millennium. The sugar content of the grapes was 28 percent: for the quality of wine this is very important.

20 Years Wine Fair Vinaria

For this reason a lot of foreign wine producers showed from outside Bulgaria showed interest in Bulgarian grapes to supplement their own wine production. Now growers worries about the now coming to an end hard winter with exceptionally cold temperature records. How many wineries have suffered from it, we will find out in April 2013.

The mood in the Bulgarian wine industry is generally positive, although in the last 20 years not a few crises are overcome this branch. The final 2011 harvest has received until now 150 different awards. The quality of the wine is relatively high which is largely due to the characteristics of the Bulgarian grapes. In the last 10 years a lot of new wineries with very good quality wines were new built.

20 Years Wine Fair Vinaria

The climatic conditions for growing wine in Bulgaria are favorable and the winemakers have very old authentic traditions. This is the logical motivation to get in competition with the world's best wines and winemakers. A proof of this is the big variety of wines and spirits which could be seen and of course be tested this year at the exhibition in Plovdiv.

20 Years Wine Fair Vinaria

In addition to Italian wine producers in Plovdiv was seen merchants from the Czech Republic and Poland that came to Vinaria 2012 to make arrangements for the import of the upcoming Bulgarian grape harvest. Experts predict that this type of buyer of Bulgarian grapes will grow in the coming years.

20 Years Wine Fair Vinaria

Even wine importers from Germany visits Vinaria 2012 testing new business opportunities. They benefit from the continuous increasing diversity of varieties and wineries as well as from the development in the field of organic wine production. However, the Bulgarian winemakers often have strange expectations about the real market in Western Europe and usually expect exorbitant sales figures. In addition with exaggerated Rothschild export prices.

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