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Sudoku & Futoshiki

Together with our partners from the leading publishing house for crosswords and logical puzzles in Bulgaria "Zahlas" our team develop and sell to the international market a wide range of unique numeric and logical puzzles with a different level of difficulty. Most popular in Bulgaria are our only manually created Sudoku and Futoshiki games that are suitable for any puzzle player around the world. That is the reason that “Zahlas” is the most successful puzzle publisher in Bulgaria.

In difference to the most numeric puzzles that are created by computer software on for the internet our Sudoku and Futoshiki puzzles are only created by human by our team of experts. They not only precisely calculate every puzzle but also verify them before release. That is why this kind of puzzles is absolutely solvable without any exception. For the player this kind of puzzles is much more entertaining and enjoyable.

For local and international publishers we offer both single original puzzles with various levels of difficulty as well as print-ready pages or entire magazines and books in your preferred or tailor made layout.

Especially for the German market we have produced a wide range of Sudoku and Futoshiki magazines:

Sudoku Harmony

Sudoku & Futoshiki

More than 100 easy to solve, moderate and challenging numeric puzzles created only by people and not by software.

Sudoku Galaxy

Sudoku & Futoshiki

More than 100 individual created puzzles with moderate difficulty designed and tested by humans and not by the computer.

Sudoku Energy

Sudoku & Futoshiki

More than 100 puzzles with a medium and higher level of difficulty created not by software or computer. Made 100% by human mind.

Sudoku Melody

Sudoku & Futoshiki

More than 100 standard puzzles created without exception by our team of Sudoku experts without any help from computers.


Sudoku & Futoshiki

The numeric puzzles Futoshiki and Killers are among the most popular forms of Sudoku.

This special book contents original Futoshiki and Killer created and checked by humans without any help of machines.

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